The Specialty Family

The Specialty Family

Company Culture has been being developed layer by layer over the last decade. Current management has been at Specialty for 10 years plus and we have been cultivating a workplace of a happy dysfunctional family. Our family consists of men and women who have all traveled various paths to bring us together for celebrations both big and small and daily work life.
"We have been cultivating a workplace of a happy dysfunctional family."

A felon friendly facility which has worked closely with parole officers and social workers to provide the most supportive environment as possible. We believe in second chances and helping promote safe and clean living. This constitutes as allowing employees to attend social programs necessary to complete parole requirements, to meet with paroles officers both at work or to be able to go to an office. Top Management occasionally will write letters to parole boards or officers informing them of progress made.

We have a vast group of men that are employed with us from a local sober living house. All have done a year of self-reflection, studies, and programs to create a life worth living. We don’t judge here. Everyone has a past, and everyone has repercussions from it. Supporting a sober environment allows for all workers to come together in comradery as we progress through the workday.

"Happy workers make a happy workplace."

We have current employees sponsor for others to help maintain and be held accountable for sobriety. Supporting our staff in all manners possible is a goal for Top Management as, no joke, happy workers make a happy workplace. When employees are supported, happy and able to focus on work while at work; both home life and work life are vastly improved.

Celebrations can be anything from a birthday, anniversary, monthly potluck, getting off parole, graduating a mandatory program, 30 days of sobriety, or an annually Holiday party. After finding out that some employees had not had birthday cakes in over 15 years, we do birthdays for everyone you get a cake and a card, but you must share the cake. We have themed monthly potlucks to celebrate the end of the month, and to celebrate the year an annual Bowl Party. We welcome you to apply and see if you fit in with our large dysfunctional family.

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